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About Us

About Us

Passion Led Us Here

Welcome to Music Services On Demand, your number one source for all things music to help you build and elevate your music career! We are dedicated to providing you the music services that focus on artist development/management, music production, and music business / consulting services.

Ever since, founder of Music Services On Demand, Maria Francisco, started out in the music industry in 2012, her mission has been to help music artists and musicians take charge of their dream by becoming the CEOs of their own music careers.  Thanks to her extensive network and industry connections, it enabled her to gain repeat business in the music industry throughout the years. Learning the inner workings of the major record labels through firsthand experience with direct access to their resources and knowledge on how the industry works inspired her to want to see a change in the way business is conducted in the music industry.


Although, she has continuous work as a music consultant through various partnerships and collaborations, she launched the Music Services On Demand platform in December 2019 so that the general public can have reliable, trustworthy music services at their disposal. She wanted to change the narrative of the music industry by bridging the major gap that exists between the major record labels and music artists/musicians and those seeking to become a music manager or looking to form a management firm or indie record label.  


When you work with us, we bring our four C's to the table: Communication, Commitment, Collaboration with a focus on the Clients we work with. We are committed to full transparency with our clients and pride ourselves on our service.  We take great pride in how closely we view each client, treating them as the unique business that they are. We believe that while everyone may have a similar goal in mind, they each deal with their unique array of challenges and advantages.


Understanding what makes each of you different, helps us identify each of your specific needs and how to best meet them. By helping you restructure and reorganize your workload and teams, processes, and strategies, we have helped contribute to increased efficiency, higher productivity, revenue growth, lowered operating costs, improvement in overall brand, secured placements and various deals. 


We are thrilled that we are able to live our dream by bringing our passion for helping those seeking a career in music to life! We hope that you love our music services as much as we love offering them to you. If you have questions, please contact us.



Music Services On Demand

~Living Our Dream By Helping You Achieve Yours~


We thrive on full transparency; we don't tell you what you want to hear or eliminate any necessary information. We tell you what you need to hear, what you need to know and why you need to know it!


We are fully committed 

to you and your team 

and what you hired

us to do.  Our commitment to you is the key to 

unleashing and increasing

your full potential!


Collaboration is the key

to long-term success

in the music business. We join forces and work towards finding solutions that will help you achieve your goals and visions!

We are focused on our clients and the unique business that you are. We identify and focus on your specific needs and how to best meet them!

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