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Artist Development

Artist Development

The Artist Devleopment Process

This is Your Starting Point for Success in the Music Industry!

Artist Development Process

You often hear artist development being used throughout the music industry over the years, but this is a process that is overlooked by far too many music artists and musicians.


Do you know what artist development really means?

Are you unsure of what it entails?

Are you confused as to whether you need it or not?

Unsure of where to start?

Already well underway in the process, but looking to revamp your current strategies?


Artist development is not limited to just developing your vocals, sound, performance skills, songwriting and musicianship. Creating exceptional music is part of the equation and only half the battle!


Everything that you would need to do to positively shape your music career for both the immediate future and long term would fall under this category, including but not limited to:

-Artist Persona


-Business Plan

-Business Management Skills

-Basic Knowledge of Finances and Accounting

-Music Business Knowledge + Application

-Building a Powerhouse Team

-Copyrighting + Registration



-Music Publishing

-Sync Licensing

-Music Monetization

-Building and Growing Fanbase

-Music Marketing + Promotion

-Public Relations

-Social Media Promotion, Strategies and Management

-Sound and Vocal Development Coaching

-Performance Coaching



Artist development in the music industry has dramatically evolved over time. Initially, developing an artist was the responsibility of the record labels and the A&R rep that discovered you. Modern artist development, however, has drastically changed. What used to be done by entire departments, has, now, become the responsibility of the music artist / musician more and more each day. Although, the majority of the responsibility of artist development is now in the hands of the artist themselves and their team, we, at Music Services On Demand, want to show you how to use this to your advantage and gain the power and leverage needed to maneuver the music industry successfully. 


There has always been a huge stigma associated with artist development that it is training for beginners only, but we are here to debunk that myth and explain to you how crucial the artist development stage is in your music career (despite what level you are in your career); this process cannot be skipped or avoided-- this is where all the magic happens and sets the tone for longevity in this business.  


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