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Artist Management

Artist Management

The Artist Management Process

Are You Seeking A Music Manager?

Artist Management

One of the critical building blocks you need when building your team is a music manager, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is the first thing that you have to do immediately.

Many music artists and musicians make the mistake of searching tirelessly for a music manager when it just may not be the right time yet. Firstly, please make sure that you have something for a music manager to "manage". In order to attract a reputable music manager, they will be looking for more than just talent. 

Now, what if we told you that you can receive all the bells and whistles of having a music manager (without us being your manager) to build your career without any long term commitment (we don't collect a percentage on everything that you earn or on the back end)? 

Depending on where you are with your music career when you work with us, we would assist you with any/all that a music manager is typically responsible for doing on behalf of a music artist / musician (until you no longer need us to help), including but not limited to: 

-Business Set-Up

-Building Brand and Fanbase

-Professional Representation and Guidance

-We Help You Navigate the Industry So That You Will Not Enter Into Any Agreements, Business deals or Management Contracts Blindly 

-We Work on your Behalf Until it is Time for you to Obtain a Music Manager

-We Get You in the Position to Where Music Managers Will Come to You

-We Guide You on How to Properly Select a Manager

-Learn and Understand What to Look for in a Manager

-Know and Learn What a Manager is and is Not Responsible for Doing on your Behalf

-You Will Learn How to be in Charge of your Music Career so that you can Build a Trustworthy, Reliable Powerhouse Team

-Utilize Our Pre-Existing Music Industry Connections 

-Negotiate on Your Behalf

-Music Contracts Drafted and Updated by an Experienced Entertainment Attorney

-Contract Reviews

-Assist in Preparation and Overview of Demos

-Demo Submissions

-Liaison Between Agencies, Publicists, Booking Agents, Music Publishers, Distributors, Attorneys, Music Executives and Major/Indie Labels...

Music Services On Demand is not here to deter you from obtaining a music manager or tell you that you don't need one. In fact, we are also hired by music managers to help with their artists. We just urge you to learn the business before quickly locking into a 3-5 year management contract without knowing what you are getting yourself into. 

Let us help you!

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