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Music Business Services | Consulting

À la Carte Services

Customizable Solutions Tailored Around Your Specific Needs

Music Business Services and Consulting

At Music Services On Demand, we pride ourselves on offering customizable solutions to all our clients. We understand that even though you all have similar goals in mind, you will be in different stages of your music career with specific needs and various budgets. 


We offer you flexible, customizable solutions that allows you to obtain the specific services that you need while keeping it within your budget.

So, whether you are a music artist, music producer, music manager or record label, we offer music services including, but not limited to:


-Copyrighting + Registration


-Business Formation


-Business Plan

-Business Management Skills

-Basic Knowledge of Finances and Accounting

-Music Business Knowledge + Application

-Building a Powerhouse Team

-Music Contracts Drafted and Updated by an Experienced Entertainment Attorney

-Contract Reviews


-Music Publishing

-Sync Licensing

-Music Monetization

-Building and Growing Fanbase

-Music Marketing + Promotion

-Public Relations

-Social Media Promotion, Strategies and Management

-Sound and Vocal Development Coaching

-Performance Coaching

-Equipment Recommendations /Set-up / Tutorials

-Software Tutorials

-Home Studio Design Advice

-Exclusive Beat Purchases

-Leased Beat Purchases

-Full Song Composition

-Songwriting (Full Song, Hooks/Melodies,...)

-Track Arrangements

-Vocal Coaching

-Vocal Recording/Mixing

-In-Studio Vocal Recording

-Audio Mixing/Mastering 

-Collaboration Services

-Ghost Production

-One-on-One Virtual/In-Person Tutorial Sessions 

-One-on-One Virtual/In-Person Consultations 

-Business Set-Up

-Building Brand and Fanbase

-Professional Representation and Guidance

-Utilize Our Pre-Existing Music Industry Connections 

-Negotiate on Your Behalf

-Assist in Preparation and Overview of Demos

-Demo Submissions

-Liaison Between Agencies, Publicists, Booking Agents, Music Publishers, Distributors, Attorneys, Music Executives and Major/Indie Labels...

It's simple. Pick and choose what you need and we will customize a plan that suits your budget!

Let's get you started!

*Depending on the service(s) selected, hourly or pay per service(s) are available.

Book A Service

Music Artist

-Are you just getting started

with your music career?

-Not new to music, but feel like you hit a roadblock?

-Need to revamp your music career?

-Have questions?

Let us help you!

Music Producer

-Are you an aspiring

music producer?

-Do you need tutorial session?

-Interested in collaborating?

-Just have questions?

-Need song(s) mixed?


Let us help you!

Music Manager

-Are you an aspiring

music manager?

-Are you a music manager

that is need of help with

handling your workload

behind the scenes?

Let us help you!

Record Label

-Are you looking to form

a record label?

-Are you a record

label that needs help

with operations?

-Interested in collaborating/partnership opportunities?

Let us help you!

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